Jerez isn’t Auswitch

Jerez is in Spain. Dickslessia is not our national sport. Someone here thinks it sounds German, but you’d probably say “Hexe raus!” Your Ausweis is your ID. (H/t)

Hiking with Godzilla: Camino de Ripio / I walk rubble

Anything la madre patria can do, Provincia de Río Negro, Argentina can do better, said governor Alberto Weretilneck to himself, taking a break from the commission charged with finding a spelling for his surname that was not an anagram of Erect Winkle. And so he commissioned a premium-rate translation for this walking route map: Lacustrine…

Irene Rigau and visualizar

Send her to prison by all means, but make Aleix Vidal-Quadras, Luís Soravilla and other ignorant pedants visit her in penance.