Public sector reform to satisfy both PSOE-IU-UPyD and PP

Tertulia (Spanish for “old men talking about what they had for lunch”) on Radio 5 because Radio 3 was so terrible and Loony Losantos is banned by the nationalists. The Rightie: We need to reform the public administration, and that’s going to mean job cuts. The Leftie: Job cuts are out of the question! Holland…
Eslogan bilingüe o analfaburro en Vilafranca.

Vodka, connecting people

Assuming you weren’t born yesterday and you’re not exactly a teetotaller, do you regard with regret or gratitude the fact that cameras weren’t ubiquitous during your Å»oÅ‚Ä…dkowa years? The medical condition which I most want to acquire, since surgery for the ear doesn’t seem to be forthcoming and a cure is unlikely: Anosognosia is viewed…

Firts Certificate

Lenox is always moaning about Spanish entities that could ask foreigners for language tips but choose not to. English School Casal in Vilafranca del Penedès says it employs native speakers, but still no one got round to asking them to proof-read the summer course poster: Today is cloudy, hence the ant-fucking.

¿Bandera bordada en el organillo?

Objetivos: cubrir base, mostrar información relevante (sitio web, escenas de la vida del héroe). Qué son: página muy bonita. ¿Quién en Barcelona me podría hacer un bordado guapo y decimonónico?

Inaguració (sic)

This missing “u” is quite common in Spanish and Catalan, and it puzzles me because, unusually, the written form doesn’t echo a verbal anomaly: I’ve never heard anyone pronounce the word in this fashion. However, a bit of baracking in pre-WWI emails produces this bit of Madrid vernacular by Carlos Arniches, which I assume not…