UK govt to lobby for EU entry for independent Catalonia?

London’s going to win the Scotland referendum anyway, and some revenge would be sweet for Madrid’s facking around with Gibraltar.

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  1. Isn’t the Scottish referendum a little less certain than that? My thinking was the same as yours but now I’m not so sure.

    I have decided that a definite component of my support for Catalonia is an ingrained yet unconscious Anglo hatred for Spain and her machinations, and a secret desire to plot her eternal frustration. It’s what comes of being Plymouth born, you see.

  2. The tragedy is that you’re working contrary to the interests of Plymouth, which needs a strong Spain and France to justify its existence. British taxpayers don’t want to fight Americans or Asiatics, but they’d love a crack at traditional enemies. The Falklands and pelting the manager of the local Pret à Manger with potatoes are a poor substitute.

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