The Catalan politico-journalistic complex

And Them and Us.

Here from Salvador Sostres is an excellent short history of the rise and fall of José Antich, Artur Mas’ political commissar on Godó’s state-financed La Vanguardia, and the scapegoat for Godó et al’s grievous commercial error of assuming that, because central government had never dared intervene to enforce the law in stuff like Spanish-medium education, independence would be a piece of piss. John Chappell told me once that during the Iraq War hysteria the Antich gang had called me, in print, a CIA plant, or some such, when all along I was actually working for a trench-coated clan of Albanian mafia dwarves. (They hated him too for being excessively close to the Kazakhs, but that’s another story.) May he (Antich, not Chappell) rapidly find new employment as El Cunt-Avorrit’s correspondent in Urgell.

Tom has worked out that C’s stands for chameleons and appears to be coming round to the view that a dramatic crunch is in prospect, given that Joe Public is not typically such a crafty, slippery bugger as Antich. I dimly recall a drunken conversation with someone a couple of years ago who believed that virtually everyone here habitually uses Catalan, while I was hard-pressed to think of any friends who did, and of course we were both right in a way. Here‘s an incredibly crude attempt to quantify the cultural tectonics. More research is needed.

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  1. I dimly recall being party to that conversation. And if I wasn’t, it’s an implanted memory. Naturally, we all know different people. And of course, circumstantial isn’t scientific.

  2. Oh and it’s only fair to point out that Cronica Global is as mental/slavish as the rest of them, only facing the other way.

  3. No m’estranya que no tinguis cap amic català, el contrari m’hagués sorprès.

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