“Erasmus, second son of Columbus the Catalan”

Here. The usual cry: The evidence has been destroyed, so you need to read between the lines.

Every political movement worth anything is composed of loonies, fools and thieves (I speak as an ex-warrior), and I don’t think it’s defamatory to suggest that the loonies are quite grossly over-represented in this one.

I also miss the (admittedly mild) self-awareness I’ve found in most other movements – the empathy that enables participants to understand that sensible people may actually see them as loonies, fools and thieves, even if they feel they can argue their way past that judgement.

In England, excepting miniscule fanaticisms like the SWP, the BNP and CAMRA, there is also always self-deprecatory humour:

Q: Didn’t it take the EU 12 years to draw up rules about chocolate?
No, it was 15 years, Clegg says.

… but in Barcelona there is none.

Norman Cohn’s The Pursuit of the Millennium made a tremendous impression during my student off-piste reading (which is to say, all of it), but I guess I kind of hoped for a bit more depth from such people in real life.

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  1. You call them loonies, I call them writers with a good sense of timing…

    As to self-deprecation, I agree. I never like anything when it’s overly earnest.

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