Experts in dismantling and mantling funitures

roberto rob in Barcelona Metropolitan’s classifieds: We offer the most reliable services of movings both within the town and outsidethe town,even outsside the country. we are experts in dismantling and mantling funitures, we are on duty 24 hrs and 7 days a week. just give us a trial, I think mantle is a pretty nifty…

Ersatz Barcelona

In which Germans play foreigners and a foreigner plays a German.

An experiment on a bird in an air pump (1768).

Hots dogs

Possible evidence of the Spanish Conquest of England, seen on a neighbourhood barbecue (“BQ”) notice on Wick Road, Hackney. Though perhaps, given the character of some of the dogs round there, the adjective was simply intimidated into agreeing. Adjectives have feelings, known as adverbs.

Linguist lawyers

Transblawg picks up again on an Economist thing suggesting translation as an outlet for under-billing associates, and quotes one of the comments: I am also a US qualified lawyer working in document review in Spanish and Portuguese. I have been steadily employeed in these temporary projects for quite some time, but inoalls is correct, these…