Upper case V vs B

A little blackletter prob.

Click image & try to distinguish V from B. <a href=Source." title="Click image & try to distinguish V from B. Source." />

Click image & try to distinguish V from B. Source.

Well, not always. How could the little children who came in such numbers to Luther’s Bible have put up with such a poorly designed script for so long? I had thought that Hitler was forced by the bureaucratic requirements of his territorial acquisitions to abandon spiderleg, but here is the great progressive in 1934:

Your supposedly Gothic internalisation ill suits the age of steel and iron, glass and concrete, of womanly beauty and manly strength, of the head raised high and defiant intent… In a hundred years our language will be the European language. The countries of the East, the North and the West [worrabout the South?] will learn our language in order to be able to communicate with us. The prerequisite: the place of the so-called Gothic script will be taken by the script we have until now called Latin.

Most thoughtful of him, and a decent British ambassador should surely have rushed to London and chained himself to the steps of the Foreign Office until his cries were heard.

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