Why’s Spanish corruption always almost 3%?

News from Valencia. Did PP, PSOE, CiU … get together with the CEOE 30 years ago and agree a Spanish standard for corruption which would serve them up their golden eggs without killing the goose? The Deutsches Institut für Normung doesn’t specify anything, but is there an emerging European standard? When do I get my share? How does the UK’s alleged 3% Google tax fit in?

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  1. I spoke to a chap who knows about this sort of thing and he insisted that the 3% thing is a rule everywhere. And he didn’t mean everywhere in Spain: he meant globally. I guess some people are better at hiding it than the ass-headed officials of the Valencian PP.

    Juan Carlos, el gran putero, had a lower percentage on his oil deals with the Saudis but he was playing a long game. Of course, you don’t need to set quite a high price when you get to lick the cream off the top of deals like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haramain_High_Speed_Rail_Project

  2. I guess part of the 3% is creamed off by middle men, against which Wankarlos may be better protected than Queen Rita. I must muster courage & enquire of Hackney’s Caribbean traffic wardens how much they are making from Anatolian grease monkeys.

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