The Eastern European & Balkan press, even less interested in Brexit than everyone else

Several hypotheses.

Top stories on Google News from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Romania, with France, Germany and Italy thrown in for good measure. Why?

  1. They know Cameron’s negotiation is a charade and that the passengers will vote to stay on the Titanic whatever?
  2. They’re more interested in the undeclared war between Turkey (NATO/Ottomania) and Russia (Soviet Union/Romanovs), and can’t figure why we don’t really share that concern?
  3. The Bulgarian kleptocracy’s sons and daughters aren’t generally to be found cleaning City banks at 4 in the morning, so why should their pet editors give a toss?

A Dutch friend who knows something of current government attempts to end the massive leakage of child benefit in the general direction of Rabat finds it all terribly amusing.

That’s the first album I’ve consciously shared with Google Photos, which was dreadful and now seems pretty good. Remaining doubt re the end of Picasa: will individual photo embedding and dynamic resizing continue to be possible on non-Blogger sites?

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