Francisco Camps vs Fèlix Millet in the media

What do ghit ratios from La Vanguardia, El Periodico, El País, ADN, ABC, El Mundo, Público, and Levante tell us about their owners’ priorities?

Re the latest Catalan party funding scandal, here’s a little chart to give some idea of the relative importance attached by various mainstream media sources to the endemic corruption of the social-political complex in Catalonia and Valencia:

Does La Vanguardia’s apparent comparative lack of interest in Fèlix Millet with respect to El Periodico reflect the former’s closer links to the Catalan nationalist kleptocracy? Or is the latter’s greater activity an indicator of genuine surprise on its part that its donations to el Palau were being channelled to politico-tribal rivals CDC? Is Público less interested in Millet than El País because of extensive obligations its owners Mediapro have to the Catalan establishment? Or is it because Mediapro knows that Zapatero’s fall would facilitate reëxamination of the bizarre and rushed allocation of digital television rights to Mediapro at the expense of El País owners Prisa? Given that all these organisations benefit from considerable direct and indirect government subsidy, doesn’t all the hoohaa in the Spanish press about the lack of independent media organisations in Italy seem like a rather large red herring?

I haven’t really been following the Great Millet Conjuring Spectacle, but Salvador Sostres’ argument that the reason the Catalan social-political complex steals from the poor is because it isn’t free enough made me giggle. It’s a recap of the now discredited why-is-Africa-so-corrupt meme, but he probably doesn’t know that. Albert Boadella meanwhile conjures up a beautiful image of Catalonia as an ethnic stageshow with backstage the dodgy accounts department.

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