Cataloonia, Sweden on the Med

Jordi Pujol’s venerable dream appears finally to have been realised, although perhaps not quite as he anticipated.

The Lutheran conspiracy against Spain

With the Anglo-Saxon plot in tatters and Jewish machinations a non-starter, some strategic paranoia for Mr Zapatero. (Like: Is Mendelssohn’s Elijah a secret weapon of German subversion?)

Hand-made corporate logos

If phone companies don’t provide window stickers, Pakistani shopkeepers may have a go themselves.

Phone shop in Barcelona's Raval district.

The legal practicality of resurrection in Spain

People in Barcelona have started relating the apparently low mortality rate among Chinese residents to identity theft in the way they did in London a few years back, but we’re never going to get back to the good old days before forensic tools like DNA testing, finger printing and ubiquitous photography. There’s an entertaining story…


At the beginning of the last century one Professor Max-Bembo published La mala vida en Barcelona: anormalidad, miseria y vicio, which in authentic Daily Mail style vaguely enjoined the government to do something about the social and sexual degradation he profited from in such loving and lascivious detail. Here’s the section on wankworkers, copy-pasted from…

It’s official: immigrants are darkies

Apparently immigrants are being denied access to virtually all night bars in Barcelona’s popular Raval district. I’m an immigrant, and I’ve never had any problems getting in (getting out is a different story), so I guess El Periódico is using the same definition as one of my ex mother-in-laws: “You’re not an immigrant, you’re white!”…