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A new report from Baldie Research, Inc indicates that Spanish bus passengers eat significantly higher quantities of frankfurts and bratswursts than their car-bound compatriots because bars selling these downwardly mobile quasi-Teutonic delicacies are often situated next to bus stops. Frankfurt is at Comerç 12, convenient for both the Ciutadela park and the Picasso museum. Unfortunately for you it has also closed, as has La Universal, the bus company that used to trundle bipedal frankfurt receptacles from the big old door next to it to nearby working class towns.

La Universal’s destination board invites us to visit the following destinations, all of which have also ceased to exist, their names nowadays being written in Catalan:

San Feliu de Llobregat
San Justo Desvern
Olesa de Montserrat
Pobla Llet
Borjas Blancas
Santa Maria Barbara
San Juan Despí

There is no reason why that should interest you at all, but you might be able to tell me whether there’s a bar in Frankfurt called Barcelona.

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  1. Er is een tapas bar met de naam ‘Barcelona’ hier in Rotterdam. Is er een friettent met de naam ‘Rotterdam’ ergens in Barcelona?

  2. There can’t be, because Catalans don’t eat tapas. Any chance of a photo? Don’t take a day off work, tho

  3. don’t know, if it’s still of any interest at all, but there’s in fact a “Bar Celona” in Frankfurt. it’s a rather bad place though, which is not nice towards Barcelona! But, to make up for this, there is also a “Barcelona” in Hobart, Tasmania, which is a really nice place indeed for coffees, drinks and chilling, so there you are….

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