The freeing of Ali Lmrabet

… by Mohammed VI of Morocco is the Maghrebi story making the international headlines today, Reporters Without Borders even going to the ridiculous lengths of expressing gratitude to the king for freeing someone who shouldn’t have been banged up in the first place. What most of the papers miss is that – apart from the journos – the king freed a bunch of arms smugglers, a couple of Islamic militants convicted of murder, as well as – and this is pretty interesting – various Sahraouis imprisoned for terrorism and political offences. Add to that the news that the World Bank has cut its credit line to the city of Fès, basically for nicking most of what had been lent to them previously, and it still isn’t easy to work out which way Morocco is heading.
However, the Moroccan story that really caught my eye today was about an explosion of call centres south of the straits. Although La Vie Éco doesn’t actually say so, I take it that companies in France, Spain and Benelux – Telefónica, Dell, Teletech and Redal are named – are passing Arabic- and Berber-speaking callers to centres in Morocco. While this is excellent news for Morocco, it’s not going to do much to reduce the increasing ghettoisation of European Maghrebis.

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