Igry (1/2/3) – a (research-driven?) neologism expressing a voyeuristic, laissez-faire sense of shame – already gets slightly more ghits (ca 200 to 175, once you’ve sifted out the Russians) than its Catalan equivalent, vergonya aliena, although it’s still way behind plaatsvervangende schaamte and vergüenza ajena (not to mention verguenza ajena). Nice try, but I don’t think it’ll stick for two reasons: firstly, it gets you tied up in the back of your throat in a way English speakers don’t like; secondly, it sounds too much like the Antipodean rendering of angry.

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  1. Cringeworthy doesn’t begin to address the emotion involved. “That’s a cringer!” might work downstairs, but I’m quite interested in the potential of wincey. “Ooooohhh, ain’t he just an absolute winceyette, the darling!”

  2. Here’s the song that started it all:

    Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the water spout
    Down came the rain and washed the spider out
    Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain
    So Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the spout again

  3. “vergonya aliena” is a barbarism in Catalan. What you mean is “vergonya d’altri”

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