The bishop and the train to Teruel

Ja se’n va el tren d’Olot
fent xup, xup,
se’n va el tren d’Olot.

Surt quan vol
i arriba quan pot;
fent xup, xup,
se’n va el tren d’Olot.

The real news this morning is, as always, from Aragon. In a development that will bankrupt Ladbrokes when I collect, Chairman Alf/Warren Mitchell has led the Chunta Aragonesista to a 0.04 increase in share of the national vote. This will raise the CHA’s representation in Congress from 0.99 to 1.03 deputies (final figures rounded to nearest whole number following conversations with Human Rights Watch).

However, politics is dropping out of the headlines following a late surge by the bishop of Tarazona. Carmelo Borobia, in a memorial service for the writer Fernando Lázaro Carreter in his adopted village, Magallón, referred to him as a “verbi cultor, a cultivator of the word”.

Verbiculturalist, that’s a pretty good word.

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