Banning bullfighting is worse for cows than the status quo

If you want to save a beefmobile from a horrible death, the best way is to keep bullrings open. These are the numbers:

  • According to The Scotsman (which knows about these things), 100 bulls are killed annually in the Monumental ring in Barcelona.
  • Bullrings which get closed invariably become shopping malls.
  • A shopping mall the size of a bullring always contains at least two beef restaurants/fastfooderies.
  • Sam Ross, former manager of King’s Drive In, a Lincoln, Neb, says his business was selling 300 burgers a day, but I believe the figure for a run of the mill McDonald’s to be 500-700.
  • Cecil Adams guesses that the average burger weighs 3oz, which means that an average restaurant might be selling in the region of 100lb of beef a day, which is what you get out of an average cow. Multiply that by two for the number of fastfooderies in the mall and by 350 for days in the year…
  • … and you come to the conclusion that the average ex-bullring shopping mall may be accounting for somewhere in the region of 700 cows annually. That’s seven times as many as a bullring.

Since the real estate business and big evil multinationals are normally quite happy to throw money at people on their side, it only seems fair to ask the question: has the anti-taurine lobby received donations from property developers and/or burger companies?

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