Spreading the good news

They speak (or someone speaks) Catalan in the Edinburgh branch of Harvey Nichols, according to The Scotsman. The assistant from Georgia, we are told, is called Nestan Rasmussen, which sounds pretty unlikely, and the manager claims that English is also spoken, which inclines me to disbelieve the whole story.

(South Korea, on the other hand, is this morning awaking to a day of national mourning, NBC having said that it has two official languages, Korean and English. This according to the navel-obsessed Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK), which borrows its GUI icons from Apple and features Mrs Valerie Fane, “a retired Grand-mother from England”, who tells us: “I didn’t know much before I met my son-in-law.”)

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  1. Just what we need, some more bright-eyed patriots. Why is it that the biggest nationalists are always furriners?

  2. Just to clear this whole thing up, Nestan Rasmussen is my mom…and just out of curiosity, id like to know where you know my name from…:)

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