Svend Aage Bek and the Catalan lollipop mafia

Go over to John Pawlenko’s Barcablog and read this story of how, it seems, Chupa Chups think they can poo all over foreign entrepreneurs (like they attempted to poo all over the Spanish taxman) and get away with it. Why has no Catalan journalist covered this? Because they wouldn’t dream of biting the hand that sticks lollipops into their mouths, and if they did then one call from CC to their editor would be enough to see them out on the street before lunch. (Oh yes, what was that story about bloggers wearing pyjamas?)

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  1. Trevor:

    You and Kaleboel readers are the first to see the latest news that I have. I’ll be posting a slightly fuller update on BarcaBlog shortly.

    Svend has sent me a copy of an email that has just been sent to four of the key players at Chupa Chups: Jordi J Miró, Xavier Bernat, Willem van Brackel and Jorg Viader.

    Svend is asking Chupa Chups why their financial director is spreading rumours of a Chupa Chups victory in Barcelona *plus* I can now reveal who the supposed ‘assault’ victims are – Svend has been told that they’re members of the Bernat family.

    I’m awaiting further details of his appearance in court on Monday. Local readers may be interested in popping along to see justice (or injustice) the Catalan way.


  2. I have the details of Svend’s court appearance.

    I’m sure he would appreciate any support any of the locals can give:

    El Juzgado de Guardia de Instruccion V o 8
    Paseo Luis Campanys, No 1-5

    Svend Aage Bek is ‘Atestado’ 23489 | 10.30am, tomorrow Monday 27th September 2004

    I will be popping along myself to see how it goes.


  3. The tax issue is not only disrespectful towards the tax authorities, but it is much more disrespectful to the Catalan people (the REAL tax payers).

    Chupa Chups should also remember what it means to be a small upcoming company like they were themselves in 1958. Chupa Chups were small once, would they have appreciated this behaviour from a business partner? I am sure that the late Enric Bernat had respect for young entrepreneurs, but he surely did not pass it on to the next generation.

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