How Beijing financed the Dutch secret police

According to a book by ex-spook F Hoekstra, the Dutch Secret Service (BVD) set up a Maoist party, the Marxist-Leninist Party Netherlands (MLPN), to figure out the extent and nature of Chinese influence among students and scientists in the 70s. Operation Mongol was so successful that Holland’s genuine Maoist parties didn’t get any of the expenses-paid trips to China or finance (paid via the Holland-Albania Foundation, also a secret service organisation) enjoyed by BVDers in the MLPN. The party itself had only a few dozen members, but its official paper, De Kommunist, reached a great deal more. Check out an interview video, accessible via this page, to see Mr Hoekstra wearing the most ridiculous pantomime beard of all time.

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  1. i dont think i could be frightened by a secret police force that chooses to name itself after underwear. i keep thinking that it would be like buying fruit of the loom for the vitamin c; a certain cognitive dissonance occurs.

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