Falangist sardanas

This is hilarious: not only was the sardana not banned by Franco, but it actually formed part of the repertoire of the Spanish Falange‘s women’s display dance team. Apparently SF Women’s Section founder Pilar Primo de Rivera said just before the end of the war:

When Catalans can sing the songs of Castile; when in Castile they know what sardanas are and that the chistu is a musical instrument … when the songs of Galicia are known in the Levant; when fifty or sixty thousand voices join in the same song, then we shall have achieved unity among the peoples and the lands of Spain. (Kathleen Richmond, Women and Spanish Fascism: The Women’s Section of the Falange, 1934-1959)

So if Catalan nationalists try to ban bullfighting as alien culture, does that make them less tolerant than the Falangists?

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