More nationalist crap

Still looking for a name for my movement dedicated to throwing off the Provençal-Catalan yoke and restoring decent, pre-Roman values, I chanced on issue 18 of Quaderns de l’Exili, published in 1946 by folks who headed over to Mexico in 1939. The big idea, expressed in the editorial, is to split the peninsula into four great “national” nuclei, comprising Portugal and Galicia, Castile and Castilianised regions, the Basque region and Navarre, and the Levant, which pan-Hispanic federation would be subsumed in a new pan-European political entity. It’s heady stuff, lurching between tequila and the asylum:

By faith, by intimate revelation, by the instinctive confidence engendered by blood and the word, by flesh and the spirit, we believe that the Catalans, the Valencians and the Balearians are a Nation. And we desire that our fatherland–formed of this holy Trinity–should not be a theoretical Motherland … [but] a concrete Nation with a place in the sun. We understand that it is not enough to be a Nation–a principle that is conservative, fertilisable, feminine in a word–but that we also need a State, which is to say active, organising, vitalising, masculine in a word… But there exists a fact–geographical, historical, traditional–that ties us to the fate of the species of subcontinent that is Spain

… a term used here to refer to the peninsula. “The Catalan-speaking lands” apparently hold exclusive rights to the term “Iberia”, so I may have to rethink my attempts to subvert and take over the Union of Iberian Pagans as part of my march on a new Rome.

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