New political party?

In the week that a guy was stabbed to death in fighting between Catalan fascists (sorry, libertarian bodies and left-wing separatists) and other scum, a manifesto (via the usual gin freaks) calling on Catalans to reject the corrupt sectarianism practised by Pujolist and Maragallian administrations and “demand the existence of a political party that will contribute to the reestablishment of reality.” Sounds like a pudding worth proving.

(Update: the site’s

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  1. Estoy totalmente deacuerdo con Trevor, especialmente en la denominacion Fascistas Catalanes.Ya es hora de llamar a las cosas por su nombre.Y ya puestos,Socialistas+Nacionalistas= Nacional socialismo.Bienvenidos a la realidad politica Catalana Governada por el Partido NEONAZI de Catalunya, ( tripartito nacionalista de izquierdas para los que no quieren ver )que paradojicamente a sido mayoritariamente votada por los emigrantes Españoles y sus descendientes.
    I fully agree with trevor, specialy with the denomination Catalan Fascist.It´s time to call things by their real name.So by the way, Socialist+Nacionalist=NAcional soZIalismus.Wellcome to political reality in Catalonia, Governed by the Catalan NEONAZI ( triumviratum of Left-winged nationalists for those who don´t want to see ) than in a paradoxal way have been masively voted for Spanish inmigrants and theyr descendants.

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