Catalan ad campaign

Apparently (PDF) the regional government has just splashed out €1.5M on a poster campaign on London tubes and buses, timed to coincide with the World Travel Market. After a minor scandal involving English texts written by our tourism chief’s 8-year-old son–this is a family-oriented place–the copywriting for the new campaign has been outsourced to an agency with international reach and an original approach to billing, Mr Wu’s Chinese Laundry in Sín, Huesca. And Mr Wu’s slogans are not at all embarrassing or Chinglish-sounding: “Catalonia makes you feel good”, “Catalonia is good for your family”, “Catalonia is good for your smile” and “Catalonia is good for your imagination”. (Catalunya is actually a good place to vomit: the council–suddenly all civic–isn’t going to ban it, because it’s natural.) (Link from Racó Català, where Joan thinks that Ireland is a nation and that it hasn’t got a state. Um.)

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