How to commit a political crime in Catalonia

Amid Catalan witches in Murcian pantomime and calls in Catalan tabloid Avui for the killing of anti-Catalanists, here at Nihil Obstat is Catalan central government minister Jordi Sevilla saying that Catalan colleague José Montilla (mayor of Cornellà for years) is a charnego and thus unsuited to be president of Catalonia. Charnego is a racist term used by Catalan speakers to describe Spanish speakers from elsewhere in Spain. Fack em all, I say. No, facking’s too good for them; I’ll commit a crime:

map catalonia

Yep, that’s right, Decree 78/1991 makes it an offence to publish a map of Catalonia in Catalonia that doesn’t use the official toponymy. I’ve forgotten the URL of the language police site where you can anonymously file charges, but do let me know. If you want to join me in police cells, just republish this image.

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  1. That’s Serbian. Relation is not linguistic but ideological, should be fine enough for the Catalan language police.
    You’re safe.

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