Original for Agbar tower design?

Check out these Russian scrapers. (Via BB; more Agbar here.)

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    The excellent Margaret Marks has pointed out some good photos by Michael Jennings of Jean Nouvel’s tower (more scrapers here) for Barcelona’s Agbar water company. (Agbar is one of the many subsidiaries of Ondeo, the water division of dodgy (analysts/lobby) mega-utility Suez.) The tower is located just off Gloriès, perhaps the worst urban development initiative during Pasqual Maragall’s …

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    During the building of the Agbar water company’s new giant penis office, urban legend had it that a fountain would spout from the tip. That might have prevented this.

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    One pragmatic reason for creating and disseminating a standard language is to increase the political punch of speakers. Still, it’s going to be a while before Aragonese (English .doc here) overtakes Turkish. (I haven’t got time to check it, but I’ll bet the Turkish claim is flawed.)

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    Check out the excellent Mr Butler on how our “socialist” government is handing over, more or less for free, a substantial stake in a nominally Spanish energy business to a Russian oil business with allegedly major mafia participation in order to save a big construction company and hence rescue the domestic financial sector from overt nationalisation. …


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