Bread, the future

It’s all about flowerpots, says D the photographer and cook. I think the Romans did something similar. So it’s definitely OK.

Update: This is my flowerpot, actually a glazed Moroccan cookpot (you put the meat on the bottom and the veg on top). D says I may need to drill a whole in the top using a masonry bit. Get in touch if you want mosaics similar or completely different to the one on the table below.

Now for some yeast.

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  1. The legitimacy of holes has been called into question, and the blödy dough won’t rise, which is what has always happened to me when I’ve tried to make bread or pizzas or whatever. People have blamed Spanish artificial yeast and claim I haven’t got a chance because there’s a ban on selling fresh yeast, but they’re just being kind. I’m an extra-terrestrial and my hands emanate deadly rays.

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