RIP Tossal

In Gracia, on the corner of Fraternitat and Tordera.

From outside it used to appear a filthy hole, with an elderly couple behind the bar and a couple of clients ripe for the taxidermist. Inside, round to the right, was a secret dining area, with yellow walls, a couple of exceptionally bad paintings, and the cheery ambience of the corridor of a defunct hospital. There were served, for an exceptionally moderate price, generous portions of succulent boar and venison, as well as various other goodies, to an enthusiastic public of heavy drinkers and smokers.

Last night it had been comprehensively renovated, the cook had a stylish haircut, the waitresses were attractive, the portions small, the snackers skinny, and we fled, never to return. Bar Bilbao round the corner is excellent–ugly waiters are usually a good sign–but…

It’s like having your entire family die on you.

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