Montserrat Virgin actually blonde

This falls into the same category as the revelation by Arenys de Mar’s thriving community of dope-fiends historians that the three kings were all black. Dunno where that leaves trite lyrics like Siempre que pintas iglesias/pintas angelitos bellos/pero nunca te acordaste/de pintar un ángel negro. (On this walk. Critical discussion of inocentadas here.)

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  1. Arenys de mar? Is that not Bilbeny country?

    I would suppose that it will sooon be discovered that the three wise men were ERC voting “orphans” bought by fashion conscious Spanish Bourgeois families during their eco-holidays in Guinea Buissau.

    This will have been covered up by the castilian government for several hundred years in order to scotch the CATALANO-Aragonese claim on the holy land. Look, here I have a map of Palestine from 1643, upon which Jerusalem is marked with the cross of Sant Jordi…

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