Celestino Corbacho, freedom fighter

Celestino Corbacho, our new minister of Honest Endeavour, is also rebranding himself from faceless Volkssozialist of the periphery as a new metropolitan Che Guevara. Apart from the charming blurred little tourist booklets produced by the regional Delegation in order to give him name recognition, it now turns out that he, too, fought the fascists, tooth and nail:

A pesar de no tener antecedentes familiares de militancia política, de bien joven, se me despertó la vocación de luchar contra la dictadura… Fue la figura política de Felipe González … [que] finalmente, me hizo decidir pedir el ingreso en la Federación Catalana del PSOE en 1976.

Francisco Franco died on November 20 1975.

(Via José García Domínguez)

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