Time to end Barcelona ban on “right to dry”

We say we’re anti-nuclear and then buy electricity from the French; we say we care about water conservation while doing everything possible to make Barcelona unsustainable; but if we’re going to keep on moaning about the fuel consumption of the unspeakable Yankees, at least we could end eco-Barcelona’s facking absurd ban on hanging washing to dry over the street, which for inner city residents generally means having to use a tumble dryer.

Laundry is landscape if you want to encourage quality tourism instead of just building a legokit of flat surfaces from which to hose the vomit every morning. Some good stuff in this morning’s NYT piece:

“If we can’t change simple stuff like this, we’ll never handle the big things we need to do for the planet,” said Aurora’s mayor, Phyllis Morris, who earlier this year petitioned Ontario’s government to declare clothesline bans an illegal “barrier to conservation” under provincial law. “People say, ‘Oh, Phyllis, you want to turn women back into the laundry lady,’ and I say wrong: This is about rights. It’s about the environment.”

Away with the knicker vicars!

[OK, so it’s raining this morning.]

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