Ethnic prejudices confirmed

L helped a cause.
6,121 members – $0 raised

People, get your wallets out.

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  1. I’m not sure that it would be wise to pay to support this cause, as I can’t see that money will help to convince Facebook to provide their pages in Catalan. I know some people who are helping to complete a translation so if you want to be really mischievous, I’d get involved with that.

  2. Well I’d be pretty loath to give any cash to “The Guy What Started This Campaign, C/Diners 14 4º, Barcelona”. As I said, I can’t see what good it would do to donate money to a ’cause’ whose main aim is to change Facebook policy. What are they going to do? Fly to Silicon Valley with their Senyeres and Estelades?

  3. I think with the senyera in hand what you would do would be put on some armour, get on a horse and go there and slash the office plants and burn the pizza. I’m sure the Almogavars would have been appalled by transatlantic flights with George Clooney films.

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