Brussels dialect for “Valencia is a mafia satrapy”

The belated price for being unable to govern oneselves: “The Commission states that the awarding of the Integrated Action Programmes (IAP), an urban development measure established by Law 6/1994 of 15 November, Valencian Law on development activities (‘LRAU’) and its successor, Law 16/205, Valencian development law (‘LUV’) relates to public works contracts which should be awarded in accordance with Directive 93/37/EC and Directive 2004/18/EC. In other words, the Commission affirms that the IAP are public works contracts awarded by local bodies which include the carrying out of public infrastructure works by urban developers chosen by the local authorities. The Commission considers that the LUV infringes the Community public procurement directives in various aspects, in relation, inter alia, to the privileged position of the first bidder, the experience of bidders in similar contracts, the provision of alternatives to the proposal of the first bidder ‘in open envelope’, the regulation of variants, the criteria for awarding IAP contracts, the possibility of amending the contract after it has been awarded (for example, the possibility of increasing development fees) and the regulation of cases of incomplete execution of the contract by the bidder to which the contract has been awarded. Some of those infringements concern both the LRAU and the LUV, and others just the LUV.

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