The one peseta trail

How to break Ponzi schemes in the form of moronic blog prizes while still having a bit of fun.

I used to write regularly and anonymously to a man who didn’t exist, in a village which did, in a distant and inaccessible country. I vaguely imagined myself travelling there at some distant point in a more benevolent future to ask the local postman whatever had happened to my mail. Then the buggers went and built a huge dam over the village.

Carles Miró has been given one of those silly blog prizes, which are simply Ponzi schemes designed to generate traffic for those earlier along the chain. In order to break the chain he has awarded prizes to 15 blogs (including this one) which he considers unlikely to respond, whether because we don’t read Catalan, or for other reasons he is too polite to mention.

This seems to me a defeatist approach, for there is in fact a way of both having one’s cat and schröding it.

I have anonymously posted envelopes to 15 individuals selected at random from the telephone directory of a former Soviet republic whose internet presence is confined to official pronouncements and prawn advertising. Each envelope contains a 1 peseta coin and instructions to send a similar envelope containing a low-denomination coin and a copy of the instructions to 15 individuals somewhere else. I have not revealed my identity or address, and the instructions forbid participants from doing so either in their mailings or by other means. The use of low-denomination coins means the scheme is in itself unlikely to attract attention.

This post will be deleted and de-indexed in a week to guarantee the scheme’s failure and success. Mum’s the word.

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  1. “This post will be deleted and de-indexed in a week to guarantee the scheme’s failure and success. Mum’s the word.”


    Still funny though!!!

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