Che el cretino

Kalebeul wouldn’t watch a hagiography of a faghating totalitarian fuckwit like St Paul, so it sees no reason this weekend to take cinema seats away from Barcelona’s chiliastic masses in their nostalgic lust for Hispanic dictators and good-looking saints. Paul Berman’s piece from 2004 applies. Even the regime sociologists seem to have noticed that Cataloonia has lost track of reality.

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  1. The obvious historical parallel for Che in Spain is not Saint Paul, but José Antonio Primo de Rivera. Che was a saint for the generation whose parents wept for the Falangist martyr. Che threatened to overshadow Castro as did José Antonio Franco. Both were more charismatic, better educated and more obviously motivated by ideology than pragmatism. Both were killed by the materialist anti-Christ. And so on.

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