The end of the puente aéreo Albacete-Barcelona

But may a new link to Zaragoza be in the offing?


Desde el PSOE insistieron en que el aeropuerto es «una infraestructura crucial para el futuro desarrollo socio-económico de la ciudad» y pidieron que la «ineficacia, desidia o incapacidad» del actual equipo de gobierno no se traduzca en el cierre de esta infraestructura.

A groundless and defamatory rumour has it that the shuttle, which always depended on tickets purchased for functionaries, originated in the desire of Albacete’s PSOE mayor 1999-2008 and frequent-flyer, Manuel Pérez Castell, to visit the Catalan branch of his family without coming into contact with his voters. The new mayoress, Carmen Bayod Guinalio, is from Zaragoza, so watch out for new route announcements around Easter, once Rodrigo Rato has fixed the economy.

The latest round of Albert Boadella’s mortifying submission to the coming regime in the pursuit of often quite splendid artistic objectives was his bull-fighting opening address, commissioned by PP frequent-tryer Bayod, at the great and glorious Albacete Fair:

When I think of pregones, my mind is bogged in the slough of despond of Barcelona’s Munich Putsch-ite “popular” events before escaping to the celestial city of the best I’ve ever seen, Alejandro Sanz’ extraordinary oration at Cádiz Carnival in 2005, which incomprehensibly doesn’t seem to be available on video. It was pissing down and all over the place, and freezing cold (and I was grossly under-dressed), but nothing will erase from my memory the passion of the crowd that night.

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  1. Well, it was considered gospel truth that Felipe put the AVE through to Sevilla first so that he get to see his honey more regularly.

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