My favourite Barcelona menus: Ca la Flor, Secretari Coloma 10

For a long time I’ve avoided the centre of town, where the keywords are minuscule and mediocre, but even in quieter districts it’s difficult to find a decent traditional menu for a sensible price. Ca la Flor (Secretari Coloma 10, metro Joanic) is just the job: €8.50 for three generous home-cooked courses with free-flowing booze, and good cheap coffee and shots afterwards. The service from Flor and Mr in the kitchen is friendly and rapid, something quite exceptional in Barcelona. To my unsophisticated palate the quality is comparable with the nearby Yaya Amelia (Sardenya 364), and you pay a fraction of the price. You also get to watch the Simpsons and there are no pretty Catalan tiles or other useless crap like that. Highly recommended.

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