PP twice as corrupt as PSOE?

If you believe crap like the stat in this post we’ll have you certified.

RW mails mischievously to point out that ghits over at Urbanismo Patas Arriba are currently 806:1720 in the PSOE’s favour. Measuring institutional corruption is notoriously difficult–Transparency International is widely respected for what it attempts, but no one takes its conclusions particularly seriously–so don’t expect any startling arguments or conclusions here, and call social services if anyone you know gets worked up about a ratio like this.

There are so many complicating factors that I wouldn’t know where to start. But it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when the right-wing press stops trying to destroy its own, and when the left-wing press casts its eyes somewhat closer to home. Andalusia in particular will be worth watching, now that Manuel Chaves has been rewarded for his success in maintaining massive unemployment there with the opportunity to help drive Spain deeper into recession, leaving a successor, José Antonio Griñán, who has all the mannerisms of a thief–videos of him are a delight–but may be found to lack Chaves’ political and personal skills in persuading people that he is not.

I still think that in about 10 years we’ll calculate that the two major parties fought a lucrative draw, assuming the nation’s statisticians haven’t already trooped to and over the nearest cliff.

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