Trillo and secession

Re his Spain-is-different, anti-independence letter to the FT, some wonderful people believe (h/t Tom) that our happily married ambassador in London also has considerable personal experience of life outside the union. (Is Julia de Micheo Carrillo de Albornoz one person or two? What are her parents’ surnames? Did she get on well with her classmates…

Rubalcaba and the German electoral system

Josu discusses what the PSOE candidate might have meant and the possible consequences. Key para: De hecho, sii trasladáramos a España el sistema alemán “entero”, con reparto nacional, umbral del 5%, y con sus excepciones, resultaría que suponiendo unos resultados como los de 2008 (supuesto imaginario, porque la gente vota distinto con reglas distintas) ni…

Counting the corrupt

A numerate, corrupt mayor, some innumerate anti-corruption campaigners, and de Tocqueville.

100% of Spanish graduates interviewed (sample size: 1) said this <a href=''>abacus</a> was in fact architect's plans for a bowling alley.