What’s your ex-pat blogging style?

Darragh McManus’ guide to travel guides works for ex-pat blogs as well. Kalebeul is clearly a coffee table whopper, but I wouldn’t dare suggest categories for Colin Davies, Charles Butler, Tom Clarke, Lenox, Graeme, or the rest of you.

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  1. Well I like to think that I’m more ethnically sensitive than you but I’m probably far more bumbling memoir.

  2. Most of my comments at the moment contain the phrase “girl having sex with a dog” and lots of links, so good to hear from you, Mr Kerr.

  3. I’ve got to admit that in my darker moments I’ve tended to ethnink of you more as a Joan. I used to know someone whose initials were BTW. An annoying man.

  4. Actually, it’s a category of automobile. But who am I to argue with local legend?

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