Muffled squids

Where muffled squid was once only to be found in exclusive establishments like Hotel Termes Montbrió, today it is merely one of 1,043 featured specials at the Chinese snack on Jovellanos in downtown Barcelona. Kalebeul Research has established that the worldwide glut of squid is due not so much to overfishing of predators like tuna and cod or to global warming increasing reproduction rates as to natural selection: those fitted with a small muffler to reduce their audibility (their propulsion device, the hyponome, is not quite as noisy as a Barcelona moped exhaust, but still…) to vibration-sensitive prey and predators are simply outbreeding those un-so-equipped. This proves once again that personal environmental responsibility is a paying proposition, even when you’re an eight-armed, double-tentacled, beaky marine cephalopod (which I am not, and a plague on the neighbours).

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