Win a 13 Litre Jug of Margarita Cocktail at Pippermint Bar!

From this month’s Barcelona Connect:

Win a 13 Litre Jug of Margarita Cocktail at Pippermint Bar!
Probably the biggest jug of cocktail in the city, and certainly not one to be tackled without a good group of friends! Pippermint offers a delicious variety of cocktails, plus student night on Thursdays, and you can catch the big sports matches here on large screen TV. C/ Borí y Fontestá 20.

Before the anti-binge drinking law it was 20 litres, of course.

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  1. First the guided walks, now this. Kalebeul seems to serve for little more than a gallery of your vices these days.

    Carrer Borí y Fontesta, you say? Well, it’s still early….

  2. How long would it take for one person to drink 13 litres of margarita? Because that for me is the clear implication of the scheme.

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