These wines are aimed at prescribers

Somewhere over the rainbow (p18 to be exact), there’s a country where the health system allows doctors to write prescriptions for alcoholic beverages, and where Torres can openly corrupt them with gifts of the same. Either that or Origin Spain is two redundancies in one: a web magazine, written in Spanglish.

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Föcked Translation (414): I posted to a light-hearted blog called Fucked Translation over on Blogger from 2007 to 2016, when I was often in Barcelona. Its original subtitle was "What happens when Spanish institutions and businesses give translation contracts to relatives or to some guy in a bar who once went to London and only charges 0.05€/word." I never actually did much Spanish-English translation (most of my work is from Dutch, French and German) but I was intrigued and amused by the hubristic Spanish belief, then common, that nepotism and quality went hand in hand, and by the nemeses that inevitably followed.

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  1. "The roots of contemporary Spain can be traced back for several milennia…" This guy's a geologist.

    And it's nice to see how someone doesn't bring it all back to the Civil War. No?

    "(…) the act of eating as a social event (…)" He's an anthropologist, too! But why does he think this only happens in Spain?

    Gosh, such a mag is so expensive. And then they didn't have the two cents for a decent translation, and maybe a bottle of wine for the friend who tells you when your writing style is obnoxious.

    All that science for nothing.

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