New drinks machine

Some more old nonsense from El Diario de Barcelona, 1894/8/22, quoted in Paco Villar, Historia y Leyenda del Barrio Chino (1900-1992):

At the beginning of calle Conde del Asalto [ie carrer Nou de la Rambla], almost opposite the entrance of Crédit Lyonnais, a special beverages establishment has opened its doors, equipped with an entirely new system. Distributed throughout the shop are 10 automatic apparatus constructed of iron and marble, each containing a special drink which pours from the tap by means of the weight of a 10 centime coin which the drinker places in a hole. The cups are also washed automatically, to which end the drinker presses a spout with the base of the cup or glass and the water gushes forth by means of pressure until it is clean.

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