1485, and how to beat it

Use spam calls from Telefónica as a free sex chat service and they may leave you alone.

1485 is Bosworth where Richard III said “Shall I be plain? I wish the bastards dead;/And I would have it suddenly perform’d.”

By happy coincidence it’s also the number the de facto state telephone operator Telefónica (liberalisation was a fraud designed to benefit government cronies and keep Brussels at bay for a couple more years) uses daily to make hundreds of thousands of computer-controlled spam calls. If you’re not a client you may receive up to five calls a day, and if you are then they’ll still send you SMS upgrade spam. Google 1485 telefónica and you’ll find that no one understands what possible benefit can accrue to Telefónica from maintaining the deep-rooted hatred traditionally felt for it by the public, and that no one seems to know how to stop it.

Until now.

A good friend tells me that he hasn’t been bothered for the last two weeks since he started using all such calls (M/F) as a free sex chat line. So: what a sexy voice you have, what colour knickers are you wearing today, ooh I’m getting all wet thinking of you, heavy panting. When they hung up, he would call 1485, which doubles as the customer service line, and say he’d been having a particularly erotic conversation with one of their sales staff, and could they put him through. And when they hung up, call them again.

What will happen if they prosecute him for sexual harassment?

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  1. Great idea…reminds me of that one in America a couple of years ago where someone turned round sales calls to a murder investigation in which the caller felt horrifyingly implicated.

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