Three classic Francophone tubes I’d never heard of

Boby Lapointe in Ta Katie t’as quitté, Petit Yodé and l’Enfant Siro in Premier jour à Paris, and Zao’s take on Ancien combattant.

Boby Lapointe in Ta Katie t’as quitté reminds me of the point during a night on a frozen Friesian fen when, following attempts to climb into a nurses’ hostel and a rapid skirmish with the bog-people, HL progressed from speaking fluently to blurting vaguely connected phrases and then to Schwitterian syllables, which were soon followed by animal noises and a deep coma on the skûtsje deck:

Here is a clip of the Lapointe performing the number, but I still haven’t found the version with complementary percussion effects:

There’s a manic, Cela-like intensity to Lapointe’s guy-standing-next-to-you-at-the-bar act, but the Côte d’Ivoirians Petit Yodé and l’Enfant Siro, although they also play with their words, adopt the country-cousin-surprised-that-there-are-such-things-as-bars model. A couple of gems from their oeuvre: the French culinary rapper, MC Donald, and and surprise that a crêperie sells pancakes rather than shoes, as African argot would lead one to suspect. Here’s their first day in Paris, with some non-dancing that is a joy to observe:

Finally, Zao’s cover of Idrissa Soumaoro’s extensively pirated Ancien combattant, whose pious dreariness is mitigated by the interminable recitation of sources of cadavres. Live videos suggest he doesn’t use a shopping list as aide memoire, and also contain cautionary examples of hippies dancing, but here’s what sounds like it may have originally been a studio recording:

The organ, meanwhile, is making majestic progress towards completion, rather like the lower stretches of the Danube:

(All tracks h/t to the enigmatic Gonzalo)

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