Zend for the waiter

In the hour before Holland woke up I rewrote booze base access using Zend Framework – Ajax and other Greek words are apparently about to go out of fashion, and I’d been wondering idly for a while about using Zend and Google Spreadsheets for a simple CRM system for the local barber’s. Stuff: I don’t…

Not fucked translation

The Daily Mail and Tesco and various translation pundits just booked themselves into the nether stretches of the intestines of linguistic hell. From the Mule: I’m not hungry, thanks! Tesco brands Finest spaghetti bolognese ‘the balls of grandad’ Packaging features signs from an Italian market advertising ‘Le Palle de Nonno’ and ‘Coglioni di Mulo’ They…

Fahrenheit 451

Why’s the Spanish translation not called “Celsius 233”? Because its perceived market consists not of book-devouring hermits who care about the relationship between title and text, but of exhibitionists in search of accessories symbolising of culture and modernity? Why worry about book-burning when no one reads the damn things anyway?

Introducing the (Barcelona) budget booze base

Following discussions with Tom, and in solidarity with a certain Liverpudlian pub-crawl entrepreneur, currently in hiding, here’s version 1. Like I say, I’ll do a proper results page somewhen. Any abuse will be dealt with by my learned friends Hieronymus Bosch & Epigones.
We've never had it so good: the plain people of Spain out last night celebrating the rescue package AND the launch of the budget booze base. (Via JCS)