Brilliant online Spanish eco-wholefoods supplier

Rincón del Segura delivers an incredibly tasty range of basics nationwide.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Rincón del Segura, a cooperative of producers in southern Albacete. The site is based around their bakery, so we purchase starting at item four in the left-hand menu. I’m really fond of: the arroz semi, which makes a massive difference to paellas & risottos with only a small increase in time/liquid requirements; the lenteja pardina, which I’m eating at the moment in a hammy broth; the harina blanca de trigo, which goes into pizzas and, with the integral, into bread; lots of other stuff. The pricing is considerably better than faux hippy snobs like Veritas, the packaging is attractive and finds a variety of other uses, delivery is extremely rapid once you’re in their system, they read their email, blahdi blah blah, and to crown it all they sound (I’ve never met them) like they are opposed to every quasi-political belief I’ve ever held. What more could you want?

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  1. Not so great, actually. Someone called David asked for my details and then simply did nothing, nor was there any response to subsequent queries. Do they still exist? Did they suddenly decide to abandon B2C *and* communication? Can anyone else do better?

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