We are the best than the rest

Box, what box? Is it a comparasuperlative or what?

London, England, home of the more uniquest.

Funnerer is clearly supercomparative, and Moncunil [My Rabbit], F.X. ; Dept. of Signal Theory & Commun., Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain ; Mas-Casals, O. ; Pala-Schonwalder, P. can analyse “two spread-spectrum supercomparative regenerative architectures operating with periodic and pseudorandom quench” all they wish without starting wars or causing the trains to run late. (See Nancy Friedman.)

But this is funnerest, and then some. Grammar has escaped from David Deutsch’s grandma and is söwing other universes – it’s all just a damn big computing problem.

In comparison “Order Takeaway Online” is a mild challenge for the OED (free with a British local library card number, easily obtainable for people as clever as you).

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