Spanish patriotic symbols which ain’t

For all my halfwit, lunatic and thieving sectarian friends wrapped in their stupid flags, from the estimable Iñaki Berazaluce. I haven’t checked any of the claims, but would be most surprised if any were untrue. Cf the sardana, pa amb tomàquet, castells, etc etc.

Don’t think I’ve ever previously linked to Público.

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  1. Of course, Publico hates Spain too so naturally they’d publish this kind of thing.

    Anyway, all symbols end up being ‘from’ where they’re most cherished. Which is why all this stuff about Catalan symbols really being Aragonese is so pointless. It’s obvious that Catalonia is the rump of the Crown of Aragon, and so clings on to symbols which are seen as rather démodé and un-Castile elsewhere.

    Hence the need to ban them all as quickly as possible.

  2. Beautiful: it turns out that that the Catalan nationalist Jaume Sobrequés, director of some hysterical symposium designed to prove that the Spanish or the Jews or whoever have been robbing the Catalan race since times primordial, was a Franquista appointment, presumably for his Spanish nationalism (via). Probably got a nice pension, though.

  3. Ah yes, it gave Rosa Díez the opportunity to show off her superior grasp of historical analysis. By comparing the Generalitat to the Nazis. Again.

    Re: Sobrequés – maybe he got the job because no one else was interested? Everyone knows that ERC and CiU supporters were too busy making money to properly oppose Franco once everything was settled. A quiet oath of hatred on Sunday before lunch, then back to market Monday morning is how it probably went in most families. And I can’t blame them, really.

  4. (The law which they’re appealing to should not, of course, be there. When can I have back the copy of Mein Kampf I lent you?)

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