Ross and Brand are heroes, say Spanish

Prime minister José Luis Zapatero said the assault on Andrew Sachs was ‘measured’ given the actor’s portrayal of a halfwit Spaniard who thinks a rat is some kind of Siberian hamster.” Given that Manuel in Fawlty Towers is Barcelona’s best-known literary figure, I’m surprised the council hasn’t declared war, or banned UK flights, or something. (Thanks to the DG)

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  1. A certain Catalan blogger claims that he was physically sick when he first saw Fawlty Towers, so disgusted was he by the Manuel character. He should, of course, be proud that a Catalan ventured beyond the clutches of the dictatorship to make his life in foreign climes, enduring, as he does, the insanity of the English. Manuel is obviously the only really lovable character in the programme (though Polly is fairly lovable), and he’s not even stupid: just a non-native English speaker.

    BTW: Ross and Brand are utter wankers anyway.

  2. R&B aren’t just wankers: they’re mediocre. I haven’t got brain cells dedicated to celebs, but I gugle Brand and think, who tf would laugh at that? Well, apart from my clients.

  3. Was the Catalan blogger sick because Manuel spoke Spanish not Catalan?

    “Not ‘onnna dose trays’, ‘un, dos, tres'”

    I have to agree with the Iberians on this one, a bumbling Catalan/Spanish waiter is nowhere near as funny as making Chinky eyes.

  4. How can you be physically sick watching TV? Unless you’re watching TV and for your munchies scooping the brains out of a live chimpanzee, of course.

  5. R&B are halfwits catering to the lowest denominator anyway. The real fault lies with the prat of the producer who let the material go out, although no doubt he (she?) was fed up with the inane twitterings anyway.
    Manual? He was the best of the lot, the dedicated hard working immigrant who just wanted to improve his lot.

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